Does anyone here sell amano shrimp?

  • I have been looking for more for over a year now and have not had any luck.

    I figured I would ask on here in the off-chance there are some amano shrimp breeders. I would prefer to buy them from a store or maybe through ebay if possible.

  • Have you tried local stores? Might have better luck since shipping shrimp tends to be more of an issue than shipping fish or corals (since shrimp fit inside of the bag creases when it moved around and can get stuck).

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  • Hi, I only just noticed there was a reply to this thread!

    Yes, I have checked all petshops in my area as well as aquarium shops and no one carries them still. I have found shrimp labeled as amanos but I have since discovered they are not after having bought a few.

  • I always support local shops. They would guide you better and you can also get better rates. If you really need these Amano's shrimp ask them to order for you, they would get you a good variant at better prices.

    The closest small non-chain shop closed last year because of COVID. They were closed too long and the debt ate away at the business so as of now, I can only shop online or through massive pet store chains.

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