USB air pump?

  • I saw someone talking about these on their video recently. I can't remember who it was or I would link it. She was using a USB-powered air pump for her 20 gallon tank since she didn't want a filter going. She was keeping newts in it. Has anyone ever used one of these?

  • I’ve seen them, but I tend to just go out and buy one of those APS units for computers (that keep them on when the power goes out) if I was worried about living in an area that had power fluctuation. I guess the best part of having a USB air pump is that its strength is probably low, which might be ideal for newts.

  • I tried one just for the fancy of it but it is not practically helpful for my aquarium. It is just like those USB powered hand fans etc There was this craze among people to use all USB powered things and this is just yet another one of those.

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