Inspecting equipment

  • How often do you inspect your equipment to make sure that it’s running correctly, doesn’t have any leaks or possible issues (such as a weird spot forming on a heater, or a gasket having barely any line around the seals in a filter)?

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  • At least once a week but usually every 2 weeks when I do water changes OR if the power goes out.

    Anytime the power goes out, my filter system reverses and stops working so I have to get a qtip and kind of wind the band inside for it to work properly again. I am not sure why but it happens 70% of the time when the power goes out and comes back on.

  • I love watching fishes, and my aquarium is right next to my coffee table. I watch them for hours daily. If I see something leaking or the fishes are slow and tired, would immediately check all the connections and check all the units to see if they are working properly. If you are a hobbyist or enthusiast would definitely recommend spending time with the fishes, it relaxed your mind and you would feel calm.

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