Snail eggs or fish eggs?

  • Kinda looks like snail eggs, although either some have been eaten off or it's something completely as others noted (eggs are laid down in clusters or groupings and not spread around like this so widely).

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  • Looking at the image I am baffled as to what they could be. I would say either of the two things you suggested but if they were snail eggs, they would be soft white spots and would normally be in groups. I can't tell from the image if they are soft or hard spots but they don't seem to be in a cluster so that may rule out snail eggs.

    In terms of them being fish eggs I am pretty sure fish eggs are a different color and also would be closer together as well.

    I would definitely get a closer look if you can just to see how they look and possibly how they feel as that will give you a better basis to go from as to what they could be.

    Hopefully you find out what they are! Curious myself if I am honest as I am baffled.

  • Yo, Shortie! Checked out the image you posted, and I gotta say, I'm stumped too. Snail eggs usually be soft and in groups, but these spots don't fit the bill. And fish eggs are usually a different color and closer together. It's a real head-scratcher, mate. You should definitely take a closer look, feel 'em if you can. That might give you a better idea of what we're dealing with here. Keep us updated, man!

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