Can Amazon Milk Frogs be placed in a long aquarium?

  • A friend of mine wants to add frogs to his long aquarium. I can't remember how many gallons it is, but the space where it is all water holds about 30 gallons and the landside is about the same. He has it split down the middle with a slope heading into the water.

    Would AMFs be okay in something like this? I told him he would be better off with fire belly toads as I know they thrive in this kind of setup.

  • I think it really depends on how many you want to keep, I know that for 1-2 frogs a 29-gallon long is really the best size (although ideally, bigger is always better - so something like a 40-gallon breeder could even provide more space for them to roam and grow in).

    They do need water, and it really depends on how this slope is and what you may mean by halfway in the tank. Does the water start at the 50% middle line, or does it start a tad further? You can always have pockets of water/mini-ponds within the tank for them to use which is common with people who can build them with rocks/decoration and still allow for them to have a slope-like feature.

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