Any saltwater fish that you think are 100% not to be kept by home aquarium setups?

  • I believe just like in freshwater, it really is those species that tend to just grow extremely large or tend to have very specific care requirements (whether that is a dietary requirement for example). I don't have an exact list, since it tends to vary more with saltwater tanks due to their huge difference in size (and many homes have custom acrylic aquariums, which can throw a curveball into the mix).

    I'm sure others can chime in with a good list of species.

  • Hey there, fellow fish enthusiasts! 🐠

    I definitely have a few fish in mind that I wouldn't recommend for your average home aquarium setup. One fish that comes to mind is the Moorish Idol. These guys are stunning to look at, but boy, can they be a handful! They have a super specialized diet that can be quite tricky to replicate in a home aquarium, and they are known to be picky eaters. Plus, they need a lot of swimming space and can get stressed out easily. So unless you've got a massive tank and lots of time on your hands, it's probably best to admire them from afar at a public aquarium.

    Another fish that I wouldn't recommend for home aquariums is the Volitans Lionfish. These guys are just too dang venomous! Yeah, they may look cool and mysterious, but their venomous spines can pack a serious punch. Not to mention, they can grow quite large and need a spacious tank to thrive. Unless you're a trained professional and have the proper precautions in place, it's best to leave these beauties to the experts.

    Remember, folks, it's not just about what fish look cool, but also what kind of care they require and how well they'll thrive in a home aquarium. So let's keep our fishy friends happy and healthy!

    Happy fishkeeping! 🐠

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