Using a HOB with a skimmer piece as a protein skimmer?

  • Can you use those HOB filters or even canister filters that have that skimmer optional pieces as a protein skimmer? Is there any retrofit like adding a sponge cut inside of the skimmer part to soak up the protein in?

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  • This would work, although not to the super high standard that a dedicated protein skimmer works (since they mix water around a filter to get it out of the water itself vs. just the surface of the water). Just make sure that the protein skimmer attachment isn't able to be knocked down easily, and that it goes through the filter vs. just being sucked into the output directly (I've seen some filters do this).

  • I think it might work for smaller tanks, like nano tanks if you can get a small HOB designed for them - and but for bigger tanks, it might be problematic since they don’t have a huge flow rate compared to canister filters, or use sums, etc.

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