Is it hard to get started?

  • I know a friend who has fish, and i'm looking to maybe get a small aquarium in my den in the future. Is it hard to get started? I'm not sure all I would need for a freshwater setup though.

  • It's definitely not difficult to get started at all when it comes to freshwater tanks. I would definitely do some research into freshwater tanks and freshwater fish before you jump into getting a tank and fish to find out what would work best for you in terms of fish and the tank. Many start off with a small tank and a few fish and go from there and then find themselves making a hobby of it.

  • It isn't hard though but you need to do research and have commitment. You can start off with 5-20 gallon tank. Also make sure to introduce 2- 3 fish initially.

  • If you are a DIY enthusiast, You can make your own fish tank size of your choice using T slot aluminum. For the fish and the other required accessories, you can check with your nearest aquarium store. They help you set up everything.

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