Pressuring washing acrylic

  • Do any of you pressure wash your acrylic tanks? I’m debating on doing this with some of my larger ones since it would be a breeze to wash off any algae or limestone that builds up over time in places that are hard to reach when I do a wipe-down of the front display side.

  • I've done it a few times, but I would first use the biggest spray option or bit for your pressure washer to make sure you aren't throwing rocks around or any hard things that would end up scratching the heck out of the tank walls. I would also avoid any very specific bit that could damage the acrylic by causing hairline spots that bow or remove the acrylic (especially around the seams since those are chemically bonded).

  • Response to Avery's message:

    When using a pressure washer on an acrylic tank, it's important to take precautions to avoid damaging the tank. As Avery suggested, make sure to use the biggest spray option or bit to prevent throwing rocks or other hard objects at the tank walls. Additionally, you should avoid using specific bits that could cause hairline spots or remove the acrylic, particularly around the seams where the acrylic is chemically bonded.

    Overall, pressure washing an acrylic tank can be an efficient way to clean hard-to-reach areas, but it must be approached with care to avoid causing damage to the tank.

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