Has anyone seen any red/blue shrimp at Petsmart yet?

  • I’ve seen the labels for the cherry red and blue velvet shrimp yet? I keep asking at my local stores and they say “it’s coming” but it’s legit been almost over a year since they replaced the tank that had fire belly toads with this new label.

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  • Ironically I’ve asked my locale store about this a handful of times. I know they have them in their distribution centers as of a few weeks ago - but for some reason they have yet to ship them out to the stores themselves. Not sure if they are trying to breed them within the chain to lower cost (internally) while boosting profits, or if they are planning on something else entirely.

  • Super late reply, but yes! Mine has them in stock in low quantities. Might be everywhere now.

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    I’ve seen them in some stores although at very low stock. Plus their prices aren’t the best for the quality of shrimp in terms of colors that you get.

  • Still haven’t seen any in person at my local Petsmarts. No idea if it’s related to just no stocking, or if they are legit buying bought super fast due to their unique colorations.

    Anyone else have any luck yet?

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