What plants do you have in your freshwater tank?

  • With each person's tank, you will find that many people have different plants depending on how they want their tank to look or whether they are going for some kind of theme. Whilst some people will go for basic plants for their tank, others prefer more unique-looking plants.

    With that being said, what kind of plants do you like to have in your tank? Are you more of a basic person when it comes to plants or do you like to be unique?

  • In my freshwater tank, I prefer a mix of both basic and unique plants. I have Java Fern, Amazon Sword, and Anubias which are relatively common yet robust and easy to maintain. For a touch of uniqueness, I've added Dwarf Hairgrass and Red Ludwigia that provide contrasting textures and colors. Balancing both basic and unique plants helps me maintain a vibrant and healthy aquarium ecosystem.

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