Is Cyanobacteria dangerous or harmful to fish?

  • Is Cyanobacteria dangerous or harmful to fish?

    Last week I started to get a bit of cyanobacteria form and it has now spread on the inlet sponge, a bit on the gravel and some on a couple of the plants.

    The plecos don't seem at all bothered by it and are continuing to grow, they are looking really healthy and eating well. I am loathe to interfere with the tank at this stage - is it any problem to just leave it as is for the moment or should I be removing it?

  • It's known to be an issue for some animals (specifically, those who may drink or eat it directly or indirectly), but it's not really known to be an issue when it comes to harming fish - but it will cover your plants if you have any in the tank and kill them off completely (by preventing them from being able to capture any light from its leaves).

    It's highly recommended to remove it either through a natural treatment (for example; getting more powerheads or water movement where it seems to be more centered on/at), or use an algae treatment to remove it from the tank.

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