Live plants necessary?

  • Are live plants better for the aquarium than fake plants? I can't remember having live ones in our big tank but I was a kid so it didn't matter to me at the time anyway. I'm curious if it helps better with the filtration in the system and easing up on algae to have live plants?

  • I wouldn’t specifically say that they are necessary, but they are highly beneficial. Plants can soak up some ammonia, nitrite, and more specifically nitrate which is the last bioproduct from the nitrogen cycle and normally is only removed using water changes.

    Plus it adds in some hiding spots for smaller fish, those that are aggressive can get spots to rest in, and it really adds to their natural behavior compared to fake plants that don’t sway or feel the same for fish.

  • 100% not required but it really is helpful depending on the fish you have. Plus who doesn’t like not having to do water changes a lot since nitrate will be partially removed automatically while adding a cool plant that flows on the water naturally?