Recent Changes & Updates (September 2019)

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Recent Changes & Updates (September 2019)

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This is just a quick outline on some of the various things that we have added, changed, updated, or removed. Depending on the frequency of details that we have ironed out, this may be posted on a regular schedule, or can be more defined once we have a lot of things to discuss and share with you all. If you have any suggestions or feedback on what you want to see, don't want to see, or just how you feel about the experience here, please let us know! Changes Overview
These are details that are visible to Guests, Registered Users, and others who actively use
  • We are now in full compliance with GDPR in all terms, from data, to notices, and the things we present to you when you create an account (we're actively working on a feature to disable/delete your account and data - ETA is TBD). You may notice GDPR aspects even if your country or origin does not belong to the GDPR requirements, however we are confident of letting you know everything we store is freely available to you under request.
  • We have changed the layout and removed some statistics that weren't relevant to the content for our Articles & Profiles section.
  • We have added in the header navigation and sub-navigation for our Profiles section (we may add this in for the Articles section).
  • Slight changes were made to layout that we are currently using to remove any excess/non-needed information/details.
  • We have streamlined some details when you create an account, and have fixed the group placement (and some incorrect messaging) you have when using Tapatalk.
  • We have expanded what you can view/see as a Guest (please note that searching is still rate limited), however by registering an account you will unlock the full potential of features and functions.
  • Additional checks are now added to when an account is registered in order to prevent any spambots from sneaking through (you should not notice any changes to the current process).
  • We have temporarily disabled signatures to be shown on posts and new topics - once we iron out some security checks, this will be re-enabled (your signatures will be current and can be saved now, which will show on your user profile now).
Server Changes Overview
These are back the scene changes that may not be reflected when visiting, although can improve access/speed/security overall.
  • We have moved some content to being used locally, to now being used on our CDN (CloudFlare).
  • is now using a fully strict SSL (secure sockets layer), along with HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) to allow for all content to be what was request, to prevent anyone from hijacking/redirecting you elsewhere, and also to add a layer of security from content being transferred to and from you.
  • We have upgrade our hosting package to allow for better performance, dedicated resources, and allow for a large room to expand at any given time without having to worry about load times.
  • Improved some of the content that is cached (the first time you visit the page will load it's normal length, however afterwards it will load faster and faster on every visit if you use the same device).
  • Improved loading times when using a mobile device, or any device that will load the slimmed down version of our website directly.
Upcoming Plans/Ideas
These are ideas and plans that we are actively trying to materialize, although some of these may change from what is noted below, or some may not appear in the next round of updates depending on size of work/effort that is needed.
  • Finalize off the category aspect for Articles & Profiles, which will enable easier searching by using the sub-navigation (ex; "Profiles > Freshwater > Diseases" would return only freshwater diseases, whereas now it returns everything with no active way to filter).
  • Additional SEO improvements to provide faster searching when looking online or elsewhere.
  • Fixing some bugs regarding "Who Is Online" & "Searching" where the page may load as blank, or only show a maximum of 10 results when there is far more.
  • Adding a centralized place for people to share images in albums (Gallery).
  • Finalizing our official logo and banners to use for social media.
  • Creating more content (always working on), adding more pages which will help with common calculations, and adding in more unique features that will help you understand common calculations without having to worry about the math behind the scenes.
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Lots of updates, and keep up the great work guys!

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