Your thoughts on nano tanks?

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Your thoughts on nano tanks?

Post by Avery » July 10th, 2019, 1:43 am

There are a ton of different tank options that are out there, from the large and beautiful 75+ gallons tanks, to the medium sized 20-40 gallons range. What are your thoughts when it comes to the smaller, more compact, nano tank range (normally between 1-10 gallons)? Do you think that keeping a smaller tank can be just as beautiful as a bigger one, with the correct species inside of it (invertebrates only such as shimp/crayfish, amphibians only such as African Dwarf Frogs, or fish only such as endler guppies)?

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Post by lddrizcb » August 9th, 2019, 1:43 am

I think smaller tanks are super cool, but its hard to find stuff that fits in there. maybe it could be a good tank for a betta or if it was ontop of a desk or kitchen somewhere?