What are snails that you always want in your aquarium?

  • Although snails get some bad names, mostly when people get hitchhikers or pest snails who reproduce unexpectedly, a vast majority are actually highly beneficial to the ecosystem. Some of these are extremely important if you have any live plants (they can eat dead leaves, clean algae from the leaves, etc.), where others are almost required for those who have a sand substrate (to avoid ammonia gas bubbles that can build up over time).

    Which ones do you always try to have in your tank, and what is the reason for having so?

  • For all of my planted tanks, I 100% recommend that everyone get some Malaysian Trumpet Snails to mix the substrate (if you don't use gravel) and to clean up algae without them eating the leaves of the plants.

  • I always add in those mystery snails from Petsmart since they do not lay eggs within the water.

    I know you said they were mystery snails, but do you have any idea what kind or any pictures to help identify? This may be a solution for a friend that wants snails but want easy egg cleanup.