Which one....?

  • The fish that you have in your tank.....how did you go about choosing the fish in your tank? What fish did you end up choosing? Why did you choose those specific fish?

  • I honestly did a ton of research trying to figure out which fish I wanted - but I mostly set the tank up first with all of the decorations and then plan around that (since I feel like planning for the fish first makes sense for some higher end species but making it ideal can limit how your tank will look like in the end).

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  • I mostly did research and designed the tank around their care (or around the other fish that also were going to be in there).

    Never, ever, go to a fish store and buy a fish without knowing their care and having the aquarium setup to their specific care and requirements.

  • The first time I bought a fish, it was because I felt sorry for it—it was a beta in a small plastic container, and I thought any life had to be better than that one. After I still failed to take care of it properly despite my best efforts, I did my research the next time and picked new fish accordingly.

  • I picked most of my early fish based on their looks in the store. Later, I'd add fish that I was researching online and found interesting.

  • I generally pick my fish, based on whether or not they are high maintenance. For awhile there, I usually went after fish that I would need to keep an eye on, as I have had family that tends to bother the fish quite frequently.

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