Aquarium & Fish Suitable for Small Apartment Rooms

  • I live in small apartment with small rooms. I can't think of large aquarium horizontally but I can manage more of vertical space. I am not sure which type of the fish are suitable for it but I am thinking if tetra fish with some greenery into the aquarium is suitable?

    What are your suggestions in such case?

  • I’d probably say a small 5 gallon, or even those Fluvial Chi tanks are ideal. Not only because of the size but due to their shape and how they can pretty much fit anywhere, while also being within the few gallon limit that many places like apartments or dorms have.

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  • my recommendation would be for something at least 10 gallons. Water parameters can fluctuate very quickly in a smaller tank. If your looking to put tetras in it, ember tetras stay pretty small and they school really well.

  • There are tanks that feature a more vertical pillar-like construction; you could try one of those, but they still tend to be pretty small.

  • Depending on space and if you have a corner to use, there are always the option to have linked tanks via plumbing and shared filters. That way, you could connect the two tanks together, and allow the fish to swim between the two tanks.

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