Black Friday Hauls

  • Not bad! I actually picked up a 75 gallon Marineland tank combo kit for half off. I think that they are replacing them with a new design so can’t complain at all.

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  • Is anyone trying to grab some of the early Black Friday deals a bunch of retailers have or are you waiting for Petsmart/Petco to release their Black Friday ad to see if they will keep the tradition of their tanks and canister filters being marked down heavily?

  • Almost pulled the trigger on the 120-gallon can't kit set for the turtle tank - but I had to take some measurements since I’d need to rebuild the dry dock I have (as it's far too short length-wise), and I also need to see how big the turtle will grow shell wise since it has multiple braces at the top (which I’d try to avoid so the turtle can have the full surface to use as a dry dock or swim around).

    I did pick up some extra canister filter media, and some discounted fish food.

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