Do you buy normal shaped tanks, or those oddball ones?

  • I’ve seen a ton of new tank manufacturers start to make more oddball tank shapes (such as bringing back to wave tanks on one side, or even having hexagon tanks). Do you have any tanks that aren’t the traditional rectangle/square/Bowfront/cylinder shaped ones?

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  • I kind of like the odd shaped ones, only problem is that if you ever buy them used I would 100% make sure you reseal them since their odd shape puts more pressure on the seals than other tanks.

  • I too have a rectangular regular tank. I tried one odd shaped tank but it was very difficult to maintain it and it occupied a lot of space so I discarded it.

  • When it comes to purchasing a tank, I will always go for a basic rectangle one rather than an odd shaped one mainly because I feel they are easier to place in an area that keeps them safe but viewable and there are less issues of them being placed somewhere that they could be knocked into or even knocked and broken or damaged. As much as odd looking tanks look nice and they are unique, I always look at what would be better for me in terms of not having them get damaged. As said above when they are an odd shape, the water does put a lot more pressure on the glass and the seals and that can then cause leaks.

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