Sad memories

  • I used to have a small aquarium case at my home with some small fishes, when I was just like 12.

    After two years or so, thanks to the small fishes, so many little fishes were born and they were just the cutest beings according to me.

    But, that didn't last long. They disappeared just like that.

    Seems like they made a great appetizer for those big fishes. Did you guys ever experienced this? Feel free to share your sad memories here for others to see what happened and try to learn from it.

  • Over the period of time, I have lost a lot of good fishes due to either my mistake or due to the tank having some predatory fishes. So somethings I have learned over a period of time on how not to make those mistakes. I hope that I don't do them again and manage the pairs properly from next time onwards.

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