Easy way to tell if livebearers are pregnant?

  • I’ve had this discussion with a few of my friends and they seem to think it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between a pregnant livebearer and one that is bloated. Can someone please explain the difference so I can end this debate? Thank you!

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    Good question, with a somewhat good answer on how to tell if they are just bloated or if they are pregnant with some photo examples.

    If they are pregnant, you should be able to notice that they may appear bloated (tummy will be expanded out). Dependent on the coloration of the fish, if they are see-through you should be able to see a dark spot through them which will be the fry’s eyes (or their bodies dependent on the pregnant length). For those that are not see through, they will appear to be boxed out (when they are a week away from giving birth) and also may be breathing slightly heavier than normal.

    If they are bloated, they will just appear super round overall. If you stopped feeding for a day or two for example then the bloat should disappear (compared to a pregnant one, will not).

    It takes a good eye on telling they are pregnant or not, but in the photo examples these are both pregnant (which can be confusing since the platy looks bloated - but the boxed appeared is a key sign for it being pregnant).

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