What made you want a freshwater aquarium?

  • Found that fresh water tanks are a bit easier to maintain. The water we get here can easily be used to keep the tank running without too many issues. Our water supply comes from a clean water source, that is generally kept pretty clean by the company that maintains the supply.

  • I think I have maintained both fresh and saltwater over the years. I think the fish and the overall setup guide has been based on my setup idea and it turns out it was good based on the suggestions that I have got so far. I hope to continue with that as well.

  • It was the best thing that I would be able to start out with. Plus, I think that fresh water fishes seems to be more lively. I don't know for certain but it's what I have observed so far with mine.

  • Most of my dad's friends had freshwater tanks, so it just made sense that we got one too to join the crowd. It was fun driving around with the group to different pet stores in search of that elusive fish they wanted for their tanks! We'd spend hours in a big store wandering around and staring at tanks.

  • I was brought up with freshwater fish tanks as a kid and I always saw my parents taking care of the tanks and such so I learned a lot from that and it was easier for me to go with something I already knew something about rather than having to learn from scratch when it comes to salt water.

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