What is your go to method to catch fish in a net?

  • With some species it can honestly be super easy to catch them in a net, however others are either super fast or are super smart and can avoid being caught in a net for awhile. What are your go to methods to make sure you can catch all of the fish in your tank with a net if needed?

  • I think this should take a bit of practice on how to isolate specific fish. I guess it comes from practice and not something you can just explain by words. Maybe using the videos you can get the idea on how to target and isolate fish for the catching the stuff.

  • I find their feeding sessions a perfect time for me to catch the fishes I want. It lures them out and make it easy for me to pick them up, although it gets messy sometimes because they would be swarming up.

  • There is a way I use some obstructing materials to make their space smaller for them to run away easily for me which makes it very much easier to catch them without any stress.

  • I have tried so many methods when I needed to catch my fish in a net and most of the different ways I tried made it a little easier but it was always still a task.

    I found the two-net method to be the better option though even though it took a few attempts.

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