How do you ensure your holiday guests don’t disturb your aquariums?

  • With everyone having families either coming over, or heading over to families homes that may have aquariums, how do you handle making sure others keep the aquariums alone (or possibly don’t get so loud with walking/jumping/yelling) that it disturbs them?

  • That’s a good question, I normally just tell them to not run around or tap on the tank. If it’s like night time, I just tell them to not turn the lights on. Most honestly respect that, although with reptiles it can get hard since some hear or feel movement/vibrations, so anything out of the normal can spook them pretty badly.

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  • I think this thread is relevant beyond the holidays—anytime one has guests over, really. I actually have a screen that I pull across to partition off that part of the room. Most people are not so curious/rude as to wander around it to look, so they don’t even notice the tank is there.

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