Aquarium shark fish

  • Have you tried to raise aquarium sharks? Some of the common freshwater aquarium sharks are Red Tail Black Shark, Rainbow Shark, Black Shark Minnow, Bala Shark, Iridescent Shark, etc. I have tried aquarium sharks but I failed at maintaining them. By the way, except for Bull Shark, there are no truly freshwater sharks but you can maintain the ecosystem to raise aquarium sharks.

  • I've had rainbow sharks and red tail sharks in a few different tanks before, although I think the biggest issue with the freshwater labeled sharks is that their size and aggression varies widely. For example, the Bala shark gets massive and requires about a 100 gallon tank alone, then we see the smaller sharks (rainbow and red tail) that are extremely aggressive as they age and require 55-75 gallon tanks (ideally either as a sole species or as a species only tank to spread out aggression) as they mark our their territory and will defend it from any fish who may want to enter.

  • No, they are wild animals and forever will be. If an aquarium can’t successfully even keep a White Shark ALIVE for a long period of time in captivity then the average person can’t either.

  • I bought my husband (when we were teenagers and dating) a red-tail shark and it was one of his favorites. He was bad about feeding them though so his tank didn't really survive. The shark was nice to the other fish and seemed happy when I first gave it to him.

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