Cory catfish vs goldfish

  • Cory catfish and goldfish both are very common freshwater aquarium fish. Between these two creatures, I have noticed interesting characteristics. While Cory catfish like to live in a group, goldfish do not need company, they can be happy even when they are alone. When you are trying Cory catfish for the first time, you should start with at least 6.

  • Goldfish leave too much waste in the aquariums from our experience. Even after having 6 cory catfish in the tank, it doesn't equal the amount of fecal matter produced by the simple goldfish. Those things can get HUGE if the tank is a big one!

  • Goldfish are cool fish but they are so messy that I have not kept any in over 15 years. I just don't want to deal with it. They also need much larger tanks than people realize. One fish needs a minimum of 20 gallons. I don't know why people think they can keep them in 5-gallon tanks, or even less like a fishbowl!

  • I have never had any cory catfish and have always gone for goldfish for any tanks that I have had. It is very true that goldfish are the worst for leaving a lot of mess and that can sometimes make it harder for you as a tank owner to keep the tank clean.

  • Many people tend to give their kids goldfish and they unfortunately don't know how to take care of them properly. I've seen some mature goldfish at restaurants before, and they look beautiful. It's amazing to see how large they can get if they get the care they need.

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