What's the longest living fish?

  • What's the longest living fish you've had? While I can't remember how old it was, our algae eater got quite big & we had him for many years when I was a kid. He was the first one we had & outlived others we had bought. Don't know what his secret was :)

  • The longest living fish is the Wels catfish he can lives for 60 years

    A fish that can live up to 60 years must be an interesting fish, if you ask me! I mean that's almost like the number of years one can live on earth.

  • In terms of pets, koi and goldfish live the longest. Koi live to be 20 to 25 years and goldfish live to be 10 to 20 years. Pea puffers can live to be over 18 years as well.

  • The longest living fish we ever had were some goldfish. My Grandma had them at first in her garden in her pond and when it got too much for her, we took them and the pond and placed it in our garden. They must have been with my grandma for around 3 years and then we had them for at least another 3 years before they passed. That is the longest I remember any fish we had lasting.

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