do you use those rubber tub pond designs or use a glass tank?

  • I’ve personally seen people use both, and the pond liners become a popular source since they are stable (provided you set them up with the correct supports), are rather large (normally always over 50 gallons or water, some closer to 100-200 gallons), and are the perfect size for the turtles to move around, get into deep or shallower water depths, and more.

    I personally have my turtle in a glass aquarium, although as it matures and gets bigger, I’m sure I’ll have to find either an acrylic option (as acrylic tanks can be larger without the issue is silicone needing to be resealed so often), or possibly get an indoor linear solution but place it within a tank stand I’d build to support it.

  • Turtles like to have fun so don't just rely on a tank. My friend has a turtle and she has various "play yards" for him to have fun in and then the tank is for sleeping and when she's away. She also takes him outside to play and has even taken him for walks which is kind of fun.

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