Do you feed your fish every day?

  • I feed them randomly really. what about you ?

    I tend to feed my fish every other day unless I am going away, in which case I feed them daily for a week then clean up the tank and leave them for upto 4days.

  • They would rarely ask for food when I would approach the tank. Now every time I come up they get excited and think it's feeding time

    It's good to starve Mbuna for one day of the week to help their digestive system catch up to all the feeding throughout the week.

  • My discus get fed four times a day, the neons once and the shrimp every two days or so.

    Yeah my discus get fed at least 3 times a day. Everything else in my tank pretty much gets the discus' scraps.

  • I feed them every other day, although some species like goldfish need to be fed throughout the day since they don’t have an actual stomach. Otherwise, other than a few edge species, I don’t think there is any reason to feed any fish every single day (or multiple times a day).

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  • I tend to feed them about once a day, twice if needed but never any more than that. I usually feed them not long after I get up in a morning after I have made a drink and somewhat woken up myself and then I will feed them just before I head to bed and that seems to be enough for them. I found that if I feed them anymore than that, I end up with the tank getting murky really quick and it was causing an issue so I must have been over feeding.

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