Do you rinse your substrate before putting it into your tank?

  • Since it is always is highly recommended to rinse any substrate that should be added to a tank, whether new or not, many don't do this since it can save time, or if the substrate is clean enough, might not be worth the overall time taken to wash out buckets and buckets of substrate. Ranging from pebbles, to gravel, to sand, do you personally wash your substrate - and if not, what is your reasoning behind it?

  • Yes, substrate should always be washed. You'll want to remove all that dust that's going to clog up your system when it gets sucked up. This will make your water less cloudy too.

  • Yes, I wash everything before putting it in the tank. Most bags will tell you to rinse until the water runs clear. Even soil and sand are recommended a few rinses before putting it in a tank with fish or plants.

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