Did you purchase or build your sump(s)?

  • Did you create your own sumps using a spare fish tank, some silicone, and some plexiglass - or did you go with a more commercial solution sold online or in a store that was already pre-built?

  • I tend to find a majority of sumps that are on the market already pre-made super expensive. It doesn’t take too much time or effort in order to build one from scratch.

    If you have built one from the start, would you mine sharing some photos and steps so others could see how it’s done?

  • I just used some tanks from Petco’s $1/gal sale, some silicone, some PVC piping and a water pump (to make a custom overflow aspect) to make the perfect setup for me. For those worried, silicone is super easy to clean up or repair (and if you screw it up no one will see anyways so you can over silicone if it’s your first time doing so ever).

  • We've never built our own. I didn't trust myself to make it quality worth. Plus, I'd feel bad if we didn't build it right & it then killed our fish. So, we've only bought a sump. We did however do maintenance to be sure it kept running well for many years.

  • My dad always bought his own. I don't think he knew there was an option to try to build his own? It's probably for the best anyway because sometimes if you don't get things just right, it could go drastically wrong.

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