Algae- Good or Bad?

  • Everything depends on the kind of algae that's growing in your fish pond and in what size they are. Also, the kind of algae that's growing matters a lot. Just like Plankton algae is very good for the ponds ecosystem.

  • How often do you clean your tank? If you aren't cleaning your tank often enough and if your pump isn't strong enough, you'll get algae. You want that perfect balance in the tank and that could take some discipline and careful watching.

  • I think some is good but you have to make sure you have fish and other creatures that eat it in the tank.

    Otherwise, you will want to remove as much as possible or you will end up with overgrowth which can be hard to get rid of.

  • An algae bloom that is dense can deplete the oxygen in our fish tanks due to its high respiration rate. Some algae can even cause damage to the gills of the fish. So algae is bad for your fishes.

  • Some algae is good for your fish tank's ecosystem. However, you don't want too much building up in your tank since you don't want to deprive your fish of nutrients.

  • I always remember I used to be so worried about algae in my tank and then I found out from the owner of my local pet store that algae isn't a bad thing in the tank as the fishes feed off it but if it is on the glass, it is wise to clear it off the glass.

    Sticking to a routine where you clean your tank can help a lot in the build-up of algae on the glass and in the tank.

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