Do fish recognize their owner?

  • I have not tried to train my fishes but they do recognize me and display a particular type of movement swimming around whenever I go near the tank.

    I think any living thing that you feed will always recognize you in one way or another and it's why they make such observable movements whenever they see you.

  • I always remember being a kid, I was always told that fish had a 3-second memory span so I instantly believed that they would probably never remember you as their owner because of that.

    Is it true though that is the case or do they remember us and can we train them? I am curious now.

  • I believe it comes down to the species of fish. Scientists have noticed that certain species can recognize their owners. There was a study on Angelfish that proved the fish reacted to different people who approached their tank.

  • I do not think fish will recognize you, I believe if they are playful in nature and like people watching them they will display the same behavior to almost all human beings. They do not act differently just because you spend more time with them. But then I might be wrong with this assumption.

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