Have you ever had to return a fish after finding out it wasn't a good fit?

  • Since many fish can actually be completely different in terms of behavior with other species inside of a tank, have you ever had to return a given fish because it just didn't fit well with the rest of your tank or other members of it's own species? Were you able to return it to the store that you purchased it for a credit back, or did you have to find another method to rehome the fish elsewhere?

  • I have found that it varies depending on the shop you bought the fish from and their policies on returns. Some that I have been to have been quite happy to have you return them if they do not fit in the tank you wish to put them in as they would rather you returned them than trying to find them a new home yourself and then end up with them being in a home, they will not be taken care of as they should be. Other stores have a once you have bought them, you can no longer return them policy and they tend to be the stores I will steer away from when buying fish that I may potentially have an issue with when I place them in a tank with other fish.

    Personally, I feel that all stores should have a return policy to prevent fish from ending up in bad homes and it doesn't make any sense as to why they wouldn't want them returned if their new home ends up not being suitable.

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