Multiple turtles in one tank

  • I would avoid having more than one turtle in the same tank, unless you have a pond that is of bigger portions so that if a turtle is getting harassed by another, it can actually swim away (vs. swimming in the same tank and being chased endlessly).

    As far as the difference between male and female, do you know the exact species you are talking about? They have different visual cues to note if they are male vs. female.

  • What kind of turtles are you referring to? Size matters! Also, make sure you're not just getting turtles from your local river or pond because they could have salmonella.

    I've seen really small turtles living together in a tank, but the people I know who own any always own just one.

  • If you want to have a turtle in your tank then do not put any fishes in there as turtle are omnivorous and can kill your fish. You can identify whether it is male or female by looking at their shell...the males are more colorful; their bellies......the males have caved in bellies; tail......males have broader tails; Cloaca opening.......towards the tip of the tail in males and towards the shell in females.

  • Can you have more than one turtle in the same tank? How can you tell if it’s female or male easily as I don’t want eggs.

    You can identify the turtle as male or female by looking at the tail formation. And if you have a large tank setting, you can have multiple turtles. You can also keep them as pairs in multiple subsections inside the same tank. Provide them with proper food and proper care, they would last very long and would be a great addition to your home.

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