Good starting saltwater fish?

  • As far as fish are concerned, then yes clown fish tend to be the most forgiving when it comes to water parameters while also being a low cost option in case you do mess up once or twice (hopefully not though with our help)!

  • How do you tell how many fish can fit in a tank?

    I think that is something that is a very good question. Maybe people used to do the fish per gallon rule, but now a days it’s all about what is compatible in terms of getting along, while also seeing what and how they interact with their environment when they are full sized adults. Never do any calculations in their current size since many can go from peaceful to aggressive as they mature, or can get huge fast and results in you having too small of a tank.

    I think AqAdvisor has a saltwater app now to check that with too.

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  • Clownfish tend to be the way starting fish, due to their ability to handle a bigger range of water parameter changes that a new saltwater tank owner will have. Ideally many start with hermit crabs or snails since it will be highly evident if something is wrong (and the bottom of the water tends to house most of the waste/bad chemicals vs. the middle to top).

  • If you are a beginner looking for a good saltwater fish to start out with, I have heard that the Fire fish is a great starter fish. They can tolerate a wide range of water conditions which is great when you are a beginning with saltwater, and they are also very active fish which is what I feel most beginners may look for as well. They are also really nice-looking fish as well so perfect for a start out.

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