Petition to ban the selling of betta cubes and plastic fish bowls

  • I 100% agree with this. Those tiny tanks, or tanks that are shaped like into a teddy bear or so need to stop being sold. Thank you for sharing this.

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  • I definitely agree and signed that petition! I've also created a petition for Petco to raise the recommended min Betta fish tank size from 0.25 gallon to 3 gallon on their Betta care sheet.


    This wouldn't ban the sale of tiny tanks but it could help consumers make better decisions and also we can use it as momentum to show that proper Betta care is becoming more common knowledge.

  • Hello!

    Here is an illustration of a Betta's habitat and the reason why the pet industry profits from the misconception that Bettas enjoy small spaces.

    It is still common to hear that tiny tanks replicate a Betta's habitat. This is because Bettas can *sometimes* get stuck in puddles during the dry season but they will avoid this and jump to bigger bodies of water when possible. It is a short-term and often uncomfortable situation for the Betta.

    The tiny Betta cubes and fish bowls are misleading consumers into viewing them as appropriate long-term living situations for Bettas. These tanks only meet the bare minimum of keeping a fish alive. The pet industry has a responsibility to teach consumers proper Betta care!

  • I wish that someone could share those images from the official Petsmart and Petco accounts. Maybe one day these fish will have their correct conditions to live as other tropical fish (heaters, filters, etc.).

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  • Maybe one day the lives of smaller animals are gonna be as valued as cats or dogs :.( Signing both the petitions right now.

    (Side note: the small stylized containers would be perfect for a Marimo)

  • Thank you for sharing this petition--keeping betas in these tiny environments is deeply horrifying to me, and I cringe every time I walk into a pet store and see them in those awful little plastic containers. I only owned a beta once, and it died within a year, which might have been my fault, but I can't help but think that the conditions it was kept in before I got it contributed to poor overall health.

  • I signed it! I hope this petition gets around. I'd love to see something like this with thousands of signatures.

  • I never realized just how pervasive it was to sell such small tanks for Bettas, that is absolutely horrible that they're forced into such confined spaces, there's no way that they're cozy in such a confined space!

  • I 100% stand by this, it’s very painful to see the small bowls or <1 gallon tanks they try to sell for Betta fish that don’t even have enough space for a heater, let alone a filter.

  • I didn't know they still encouraged small bowls for bettas? My mom had one that lasted for years and she had a small aquarium but it wasn't as small as the ones in the photos in this thread. There was a lot of room for the fish to swim in and he actually "played" with my mom so it was cute and you knew he was happy.

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