Lionfish tank size?

  • The lionfish is my favorite in the saltwater realm but I have yet to bite the bullet and buy one. I have been researching them however and am considering using an old tank I have lying around to get one. I am just concerned it will not be large enough. It is a 30 gallon tank. Some people say that is the minimum and others say lionfish shouldn't be kept in anything under 50 gallons. Which is correct?

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    A 30-gallon tank is a decent size for them when they are younger, although as they grow and reach their adult size, ideally you would need 120+ gallons (for a single species). If you are trying to keep multiple lion fish within an aquarium, I'd say it's safer to go with 200+ gallons in order to have enough room for them to not hit or run into each other as they explore their habitat.

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