Is peroxide safe and effective?

  • I have read on other forums that you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean off items covered in algae in the tank.

    I only tried this on one item and it did not seem to do much of anything. Maybe I did it wrong? I found just letting things completely dry out for a week or two solved the problem for me.

  • I’d say that it's safe in decent doses (like don’t use a whole bottle without a huge water change), and try to use it with a syringe to make it the most effective at targeting the algae vs. using a cup or other method.

    Yeah this is what I have read. I was going to try this but was too worried about something going wrong. I will give this a try if the issue arises again before using toxic chemicals. I know even items bought for fish tanks can be toxic to fish!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is useful in clearing the tank from algae infestation. But would advise you to remove the fish and other live stocks from the tank before that. Clean the tanks and recycle the water again and introduce the fish back to the tank. Hydrogen peroxide usually becomes harmless after 24 hours of dilution in the tank.

  • They are great for cleaning tanks. And 3% which you have taken is the right amount. Give it a try once again. It should be fine.

    Yes, I will. I am hoping I do not have to though! I don't want to have an algae issue like that again. It was BAD. It took me changing the tank completely to get rid of it.

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