Do you prefer glass or plastic aquariums?

  • It seems like glass is preferred and more common but a lot of people seem to be opting for plexiglass (plastic) ones instead these days. Most of the time, these have to be custom-made and bought from companies that make them to order but there are some options available online and in pet stores if you are looking for a smaller tank.

  • I prefer glass as they are scratch resistant, non porous and resistant to chemical absorption. There is no visual distortion and UV safe. Manufacturers prefer acrylic ones as they are lightweight and curved panels can be made. They are easy to transport and the equipment required to manufacture these need less investment.

  • I prefer acrylic tanks, they are easy to maintain. I have kids in the house, I don't have to worry about glass breakage and these acrylic tanks are very durable.

    That seems to be the main reason people opt for them because of children or other pets, less risk of things breaking and making a mess. I find that it can be harder to use heaters and it is more difficult to clean though.

  • I like glass as it's easier to clean, and won’t get scratches if someone rubs against it such as gravel, or rocks/decorations inside of the tank.

    Acrylic on the other hand is the winner overall in my eyes.

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  • When it comes to a choice between a glass tank and an acrylic tank, I would more than likely choose the acrylic for a few reasons. First reason is because I have children in the home and I know with glass, accidents do happen and that last thing I would want to see if my child hurt if they accidentally managed to damage the glass fish tank. Second reason is that acrylic is cheaper and a lot more durable than glass and I really do feel that acrylic would last longer than glass.

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