When buying a used tank, do you keep the fish or give them away?

  • Since we tend to see a lot of tanks still in their current running state sold online - when you are given the fish without a choice, do you give them away to a store or keep them if they fit the setup’s requirements?

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  • I think it really depends, if the fish is going to fit the tank (which in many cases from someone else isn’t the case), or can go with the theme I was planning, I would keep it. Otherwise I tend to just either try to sell them off or give it to a local store for free if they can take care of it.

  • This sort of thing is never a welcome surprise, and I try to ask about it in order to avoid it happening. But when it does, I keep them if at all possible. Otherwise, I keep a couple of smaller spare tanks around to accommodate them until I can relocate them.

  • This is not a situation I have dealt with, but I would like to think I would keep them, rather than getting rid of them! I can understand why people do take them to pet stores, though, the tank might have had a different setup in mind and now suddenly here are a multitude of fish you hadn't planned for. It can be harsh!

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