How would you describe your fish tank smell?

  • How would you describe how your fish tank water smells when you smell it from above?

    I'd say it tends to smell like wet wood after it has rained, nothing chemical-like but more earthy-like.

  • My fish tank smells bad when fish food and dead leaves accumulate in the tank. Even after removing it, the smell lingers on. So I tried the activated powdered carbon filter mesh bag in my fish tank and that has reduced the smell to a considerable extent.

  • When I had my fish when I used to open the tank up to say feed the fish or do something, I would always catch the smell that came from it and it always reminded me of a rainy day and that fresh smell you get after it has rained.

  • I must say that the smell of my fish tank water can be best described as a combination of damp wood and earthiness, reminiscent of the scent one encounters after a rainfall. This aroma is not chemically or unpleasantly pungent, but rather has a natural, organic quality to it. It is interesting to note that another user, Avery, also perceives a similar scent, further confirming the earthy nature of the smell.

    Furthermore, Shortie shares a similar experience, associating the smell of the fish tank with the fresh scent that lingers in the air after a rainy day. This correlation emphasizes the consistency in the olfactory perception of fish tank water among different individuals. It is worth mentioning that this distinct smell is not overpowering or offensive, but rather evokes a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

    In conclusion, the consensus seems to be that the smell of fish tank water is reminiscent of damp wood, earthiness, and the refreshing aftermath of rainfall. This shared perception highlights the unique character of this aroma and adds to the overall experience of maintaining a fish tank.

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