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    A friend of mine wants to add frogs to his long aquarium. I can't remember how many gallons it is, but the space where it is all water holds about 30 gallons and the landside is about the same. He has it split down the middle with a slope heading into the water.

    Would AMFs be okay in something like this? I told him he would be better off with fire belly toads as I know they thrive in this kind of setup.

    I thought this fish I had seen at the pet shop might have parasites as it appeared to have something thin and long wiggling around inside of it. When I told one of the workers, they said they would let the manager know. I went back a few days later and the fish was still in there so now I am a bit concerned and paranoid about buying anything from this store.

    This greatly depends on the kind of fish you are talking about and how long you have had them.

    Some fish will be restless when they have been placed in a new tank and can take up to 10 days to normalize their behavior after buying them.

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    Depending on the size of tank, you can get an idea from this video of how to build them. You just have to make sure whatever you use, it is able to hold the weight of the tank.

    I prefer acrylic tanks, they are easy to maintain. I have kids in the house, I don't have to worry about glass breakage and these acrylic tanks are very durable.

    That seems to be the main reason people opt for them because of children or other pets, less risk of things breaking and making a mess. I find that it can be harder to use heaters and it is more difficult to clean though.

    I always support local shops. They would guide you better and you can also get better rates. If you really need these Amano's shrimp ask them to order for you, they would get you a good variant at better prices.

    The closest small non-chain shop closed last year because of COVID. They were closed too long and the debt ate away at the business so as of now, I can only shop online or through massive pet store chains.

    You can also try Cuba (Hemianthus callitrichoides) it's one of the smallest aquarium plants in the world. It grows over the bottom of the tank with tiny round leaves, and like most carpeting plants it spreads rapidly when separated and planted in clumps with a grid-like pattern. But should maintain proper water temperature in the range of 64-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Could be a little challenging but you would get fast and stunning results.

    I just looked it up...

    and this looks amazing! I have a good heater in my tank which keeps the temp between 74 and 78 at all times so that shouldn't be an issue. I did see some tanks have a yellow tint to the plants. Is this what happens when it becomes unhealthy?

    A surprising number of, well, surprises tend to turn up when buying things for aquariums.

    It certainly seems that way! I am assuming they were in the tanks where the plants were kept and because they lay touch tiny eggs, I have no way of ever getting rid of them. I can count 10 or so just looking in the tank right now.

    So I liked feeding these to my shrimp but it seemed as though when I was, the fish would be overeating and many ended up with bloat.

    I am not sure if this is because the fish shouldn't have been eating it or not as I only feed them once a day and never feed them too much to begin with.

    Can some fish not digest cucumber?

    I would like to have 1 to 3 fish (smaller fish and non-schooling) in my shrimp tank just to allow for more fertilizer for the plants. I had thought of getting a siamese fighting fish again but I read that the shrimp can be bothersome for the fish so I am not sure I want to risk that. Any suggestions?

    They get plump! I have some fancy guppies and I can tell they are pregnant just by looking at them but if you look closely, in some livebearers, you can actually see the babies in their belly. So long as the mass is even and not closer to their chest/mouth (this implies bloat) then they are most certainly pregnant.

    Wow, over $100 is brutal!

    Yeah and because it is a beta fish which seems to be prone to dying earlier it seems, I feel like that is a waste of money. If I know it would live 6+ years for sure then I wouldn't have an issue spending it but the last 3 I have gotten didn't even make it 2 years. I don't know if they were sick or what but I did everything right. I have had some live 5 to 7 years in the past.

    I am sure that is true, though I still used to think fish were underpriced anyway. So long as people are motivated to take care of them, I don't care if it's really just because of inflation.

    For some yes, it would seem that way. I know you used to be able to get goldfish for $3-$7 but now they are $9-$16 at the local petshop so if you plan on buying a tank with just those, you will be spending a lot more!