Hot glue for decorations?

  • No, as hot glue will slowly dissolve into pieces that can harm fish if swallowed, or if it gets stuck in their grills or digestive system (as glue isn’t digestible).

    Try using silicone, fishing line, or even super glue that has been rated for water/aquatic usage.

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  • On the long run of usage, it's going to dissolve and it's not entirely safe in my opinion but I would recommend making use of Silicone as it's the best you can use and it wouldn't disappoint you.

  • Can I use hot glue to make some items stick together to form a decoration or is this toxic?

    As long as I can remember, hot glue will never be good any long use needs. It's going to dissolve in no distant time. Most people makes use of Silicone, I suggest you make use of it too.

  • I would buy only items that are specific to the type of tank you have. You need to think about how things degrade over time and you want something for either your freshwater tank or for a saltwater and to know it will last many years.

  • Always stick with water-based adhesives like silicone. I had a friend who tried using a hot glue gun to repair a few fake plants and it ended up killing everything in her tank after about 3 weeks.

  • Never use hot glue in a fish tank as it can dissolve and then cause issues in the tank. As mentioned, the silicone would be the better option for what you are wanting to do and less of a chance that you will cause issues in your tank that could be harmful to your fish.

  • I agree with Shortie's response. Hot glue is not suitable for aquarium decorations as it can dissolve in water and potentially harm the fish. It's best to use silicone for such projects to ensure the safety of your aquatic pets.

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