Tons of algae forming all over, HELP!

  • A few spots of algae appeared. I thought nothing of it. Then, it bloomed, and is now all over the rocks. It isn't 3D, but it is dark, and unappealing, if you look from the top. Same with the sides. How do I get rid of it?

  • From what you have described it seems that lighting may be a huge factor is how it's gone from appearing to just blooming everywhere. How much lighting does your tank get? Is it in a place where any kind of sun light may shine on it which could add to how much algae is forming? I would definitely advise if you can clean out the tank thoroughly and then fill it again and add anything you need to and ensure it doesn't get too much light if you can. Hopefully you managed to sort the problem. Nothing worse than getting algae that just builds up out of nowhere and you are not sure how it happened.

  • Hey Shortie,

    Thanks for your input in helping Sulaiman Pete with his algae problem. Lighting can definitely play a big role in algae growth. Sulaiman, if you're experiencing excessive algae growth, it's important to assess the lighting situation in your tank. Make sure it's not getting too much direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to artificial light.

    In addition to managing lighting, regular tank maintenance is key. Keep up with water changes and clean your tank to remove any excess nutrients that could be fueling algae growth. You might also consider adding some algae-eating fish or invertebrates to help keep the algae in check.

    Good luck with tackling the algae issue!


  • Hey there,

    I saw your post about the tons of algae forming all over your tank. I totally get how frustrating that can be! Here are a few tips to help you deal with it:

    1. Check your lighting: Excessive light can promote algae growth. Make sure you're not overdoing it with the duration or intensity of your tank lights.

    2. Maintain water quality: Regular water changes and proper filtration can help remove excess nutrients that algae thrive on. Keep up with tank maintenance to keep those levels in check.

    3. Consider algae eaters: Certain fish and invertebrates like snails and shrimp can help control algae growth by grazing on it. Adding them to your tank could be a natural solution.

    Hope these suggestions help you get your algae situation under control. Good luck!

    • GranDiez

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