What do you do when you get bored of your tank design?

  • I try to change what it looks like either by moving decorations around, or by trying to mix the fish up or have them be more in-sight or out of sight.

    Worst case is buying a brand new tank ?

  • I think doing the right tank design is not an easy thing. You have to learn to make changes often and it does happen whether you do it consciously or not. It comes with some level of practice I suppose. But changing few things like plants and the overall stuff in the aquarium can be done.

  • We've never really gotten bored. We may add or subtract a plant here & there. Especially useful when the plant could no longer be cleaned & was looking quite shabby.

  • As a human being, we get bored of something when it's been the same for too long. When that happens with my tank, I'd get creative about how I spice it up with new props or even have it changed completely if I have the money.

  • Change is something that's always constant in life, so if I happen to get bored of my fish tank design which I doubt would be happening anytime soon because of the time it took me to get a perfect design, I would switch things up to give it a new look.

  • My dad used to rearrange his tank a couple times a year. I think he thought he was improving the quality of the fish's life by doing so. Maybe he thought the fist got bored? He liked to buy new plants and hiding materials for them and it made him happy to make them happy.

  • I like to swap out the substrate at least once every few years for a new look. I feel like that is the cheapest and easier way. Other than that, I will try different decorations, live plants, etc.

    As of right now, I can't add any new fish but I am hoping to get another tank set up soon.

  • I will admit that I am someone who will after a while get bored of a layout of something and I am such a pain for it. When I had my tank, I would set it out how I was happy with it and how my fish would be happy with their surroundings but after a few weeks I would get other ideas of where I wanted things placed and want to change it up. I guess with me doing a full clean out of the tank once a month that was the perfect time for me to be able to move things around if I wanted to so that is what I did when I would do a thorough clean out of the tank, do the move around then.

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