How do you handle sickness?

  • Since I fed like everyone has different setups, how do you handle the curing and treating of the tank/species? Do you take them out and treat in a separate tank, or do you treat the whole tank dependent on what is it and how contagious it is?

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  • I think it depends on the illness - if it’s something that affects the whole tank (ex; ich/velvet) I’d treat the whole tank. If it’s something that is specific to that fish (ex; fin rot, head in the hole disease) I’d just take that species out and treat them.

  • When I noticed something with one fish, I completely switch out the water and put the sick/ill-looking fish in quarantine. This way, it keeps it from spreading as easy while I figure out what is happening.

  • If only a particular fish is infected then it can be handled or treated better than when the whole tank gets infected.

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