Colorful vs. Dull Fish

  • Do you prefer adding in a bunch of colorful or dull fish? 8

    1. Colorful (4) 50%
    2. Dull (0) 0%
    3. Both (4) 50%

    Do you prefer to add in a bunch of colorful or dull color looking fish to your tanks? This can even include those where you only may have a few handful of fish, or tanks that are setup to not just be species specific (since their coloration may change and/or it would obviously only be 1 color set in your tank).

  • I voted for both. I like to see various colors, shapes, and sizes in my aquarium. It is so nice to see red, blue, pink, golden, white in the same tank. I also make sure that the species get along well.

  • I prefer colorful fish. I don't mind having dull snails, shrimp, etc. but I like the color in the tank to come from the fish. This is why I always decorate my tanks with only natural colors like stone, greens, and browns.

  • My aquarium is my showpiece and I want it to be colorful. These little fishes add color to our life too. Just gazing at these life forms swimming effortlessly in the aquarium relieves us of our stress.

  • I love color fish, they are the best. It's absolutely stunning and mesmerizing to watch. Neon tetra fish with proper lighting is an absolute delight to watch. Your aquarium would look like a moving painting and a work of art.

  • As much as I do prefer colorful fish, I also like to see a mixture as well in terms of colorful and dull fish.

    I feel if you have the space to accommodate both kinds then having a mixture is best. Sometimes I feel that if you have too many colored fish, it can be too much.

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