Feeding time

  • Aquarium fishes can be fed at any time of the day but the best feeding time for fishes is in the morning and evening. Aquarium fishes quickly learn their feeding time and swim back and forth anticipating their next meal.

  • The best part is that when you start to make that association that whenever you are near the tank, it means feeding time, and they start to head to the surface or swim as close as possible to the glass of the tank to get “closer” to you and follow you around if you move/walk.

  • I used to feed my fish in the AM when I woke up and in the PM before I went to bed but they were being overfed. I cut back to only feeding them at night and I believe they prefer that seeing as the Shrimp like to come out when the light goes off as well.

  • I always used to feed mine in a morning not long after I got up and then on an evening before I went to bed and that always seemed to work. It's amazing to see how they soon adapt to that routine and will expect the feed at those times as well. I always find that you can always tell yourself when is best to feed your fish and you should always go by what you feel is right. For some fish little could be more and they could be fine with that.

  • I totally agree with Shortie! Feeding time for aquarium fishes can vary depending on their species and individual needs. While morning and evening may work for some, it's not set in stone. As long as you establish a consistent feeding routine that suits your fish and they are healthy and happy, that's what matters. Don't stress too much about the "perfect" feeding time, go with what feels right for you and your fish!

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